The future of medical cannabis.

Today, we’re excited to share our visit to Herdade das Barrocas, a leader in pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. Their EUGMP-certified facility, a blend of cutting-edge technology and natural harmony, is setting new standards in sustainability and quality.   Their expertly designed facility ensures the production of superior quality cannabis dry flower for medical use. In their quest […]

Farewell to Indoor Ag-Con, Las Vegas!

As we close this chapter at Indoor Ag-Con, a huge thank you to all who visited us in Las Vegas, engaging with us about our environmental chambers and controlled environments for the future of Plant Growth Research, Indoor Farming, and Medicinal Cannabis within Controlled Environment Agriculture.   Special appreciation goes to our dedicated Aralab team, […]

Spring in Winter? Only in a FitoClima Chamber!

Why wait for spring? Harvest delicious strawberries year-round in our controlled environment chambers. With precise control over temperature, humidity, and light, our FitoClima chambers defy the traditional strawberry season. Inside our Plant Growth and Production chambers, it’s always strawberry time!   Are you ready to enjoy fresh, juicy strawberries any day of the year?

Growing the Future of Plant Protection!

Within the controlled environment of Aralab growth chambers at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, a new set of molecules with potential antifungal properties is being tested on lettuces. These molecules aim to safeguard plants against infections without harming them. Applied to the leaves, they are under scrutiny to ensure they promote health without […]

The World’s Climates in Your Growth Chamber!

Imagine being able to recreate any weather condition on Earth, right inside your FitoClima growth chamber. With our new weather station emulator, that’s exactly what you can do! This innovative functionality connects your chamber to weather stations, allowing you to: Replicate the exact temperature, humidity, and solar radiation. Synchronize your chamber with real-time weather patterns. […]

A plant growth chamber that’s not just ‘top of the line’ but also stunning

Meet one of our new FitoClima HP ‘walk-in’ wonders: ✅ Blazing high-intensity lights with customizable spectra. ✅ Uniform, adjustable airflow. ✅ Stainless-steel tables with reflective trays – because even short plants deserve the spotlight. ✅ Recreate almost any earthly environment with wide precise control over Temperature, Humidity, Light, and Airflow.   But there’s more: CO2 […]

Winged Creatures Devour Innocent Plants!

At Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, the Eco-Evo-Devo group at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes – ce3c amazed us with their butterfly research. Inside two environmental walk-in chambers, these butterflies are at the heart of studies on adaptive developmental plasticity. Researchers are unraveling how genetics and environmental factors influence what […]

Exploring Plant Resilience at FCUL with Aralab

At the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL), groundbreaking studies are being conducted on Nicotiana benthamiana, a relative of the tobacco plant. This species is particularly suited for genetic transformation studies (like agroinfiltration) due to its unique physiological characteristics. Its sensitivity to various pathogens also makes it invaluable for virology research. In […]

Transforming the Future with Microalgae!

Delighted to witness the cutting-edge work at AllMicroAlgae, a leader in premium-quality microalgae production. They’re not just creating microalgae solutions; they’re shaping a sustainable future in various industries. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation is impressive. The company serves human nutrition, nutraceuticals, animal feed, agriculture and cosmetic sectors with pure and safe microalgae products. Their […]



Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms for plant growth, tissue culture, insect rearing and other  Biotechnology and Agriculture applications.

Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms with precise temperature and humidity control for Stability testing, conservation or storage.

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