Year after year, we are amazed by the growing family of dedicated partners joining us from all corners of the world. Each record attendance is a testament to the commitment, enthusiasm and passion our distributors bring to the table.

During these two enriching days, we share, learn, inspire, and strengthen our collective vision to bring innovative environmental simulation solutions to the world.

To all our partners present at CliMates, our sincere thanks. Your presence and participation not only enrich this event – but they also shape the future of Aralab.

Here’s to many productive, exciting, and inspiring CliMates!




Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms for plant growth, tissue culture, insect rearing and other  Biotechnology and Agriculture applications.

Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms with precise temperature and humidity control for Stability testing, conservation or storage.

High performance Temperature and Climatic simulation chambers for environmental testing in Automotive, Electronics, R&D, quality control, and more.