Recently, two of our talented mechanical and project engineers swapped their desks for a trip to one of our latest installations at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. They witnessed the marvels they usually only see on paper come to life – a state-of-the-art laboratory brimming with Aralab chambers dedicated to advanced plant research.

For those who often stay behind the scenes, it was a moment of pride, seeing the tangible impact of their designs and innovations. A heartfelt thank you to our engineering team – the brains behind every chamber, ensuring researchers have the best to advance science!




Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms for plant growth, tissue culture, insect rearing and other  Biotechnology and Agriculture applications.

Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms with precise temperature and humidity control for Stability testing, conservation or storage.

High performance Temperature and Climatic simulation chambers for environmental testing in Automotive, Electronics, R&D, quality control, and more.