Goodbye Fluorescent, hello LED!

The EU’s RoHS directive is phasing out fluorescents and other mercury lamps. We’re embracing this change with retrofittable LED solutions for our FitoClima growth chambers and HP rooms still using fluorescents or CMH/CMD lamps.

Why switch to LED?

– Energy-efficient & cost-saving

– Durable with a longer lifespan

– Safe & RoHS compliant

– Optimized spectra for plant growth

– Uninterrupted research (no shortage risks)

Stay informed and be part of this industry evolution.

Together, let’s embrace a brighter, greener future in plant research!




Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms for plant growth, tissue culture, insect rearing and other  Biotechnology and Agriculture applications.

Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms with precise temperature and humidity control for Stability testing, conservation or storage.

High performance Temperature and Climatic simulation chambers for environmental testing in Automotive, Electronics, R&D, quality control, and more.