How can you trust your thermometer (or other measurement devices)?


We had the privilege of stepping into the world of EIA – Laboratório de Metrologia (a Trescal company), a leading Metrology and Calibration Lab in Portugal. From dimensional and electrical measurements to pressure, flow, torque and beyond, EIA delivers a broad spectrum of calibration services.

A hub for precision and quality, EIA uses Aralab chambers for temperature and humidity calibrations, ensuring the utmost accuracy in their work. Witnessing our equipment in action, playing a vital role in such precise operations, is truly inspiring!

By enabling meticulous calibrations, our chambers contribute to the high standards of quality and accuracy EIA maintains. We are proud to be part of their journey in championing precision in the field of Metrology.

A very special thanks to Engº Joaquim Guedelha for such an insightful visit.

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