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1. Automatically collected data
Domains and IP addresses of visitors are recorded automatically. This information does not identify the user, but rather the computer used to access the site. This data is analysed globally to verify in which place in the world site is using the site, so as to ensure coverage and to allow our service to the user to be improved. The personal data of each user is not subject to collection and analysis in this process.

2. Collection and use of data
In the event that the user requests information on any part of the website, it may be necessary to collect their personal information. When you contact us via e-mail, to subscribe to the news, we have to get your e-mail address, name and other specific personal identification, usually name and contact number. Your personal data will be processed to provide information, goods, products and services ordered in accordance with the given profile.

When asking for sensitive personal data, we will ensure that its collection and use will be made in strict compliance with the law on data collection and protection.

No personal data will be passed from Aralab without your permission. If we want to use your personal data beyond the purposes set out initially, we will ask for your consent. You can choose in advance whether to give such consent on initial data collection.

3. Access to personal data
To request clarifications about access to personal data, or to clarify issues related to data Privacy Policy at please contact us on this number +351 219 154 960 or use the following e-mail address:

You are allowed to question the data and, where appropriate, may: delete the data, rectify it, amend it or complete it. We reserve the right to refuse to supply a copy of a user’s personal data, requiring us to provide a justification for this decision. The user may challenge our refusal to provide a copy with their personal data.

4. Privacy Compliance
Our Privacy Policy is in accordance with applicable Portuguese law, namely Law No. 67/98 dated 26th October, as rectified by the Declaration of Rectification No. 22/98 dated 28th November. Data protection legislation is subject to revision and we recommend the user to regularly consult our privacy statement.

5. Hyperlinks
The Aralab website can provide “links” to external sites for your convenience and information. By accessing these links you will leave the Aralab website. Aralab does not control these sites or their privacy practices, which may differ from those of Aralab. Aralab itself neither represents nor approves these sites. The Aralab Privacy Statement does not cover personal data which may be given out by the user to websites not belonging to Aralab.

We recommend you review the privacy policies of any company before handing over your personal information. Some companies may choose to share your personal information with Aralab, and this sharing will be governed by the Privacy Policy of that company.

6. Ownership and Access
All content on this site (text, images, trademarks and logos) is the intellectual property of the company Aralab. Copying, reproduction, modification or distribution of the contents of this website is forbidden without written permission of Aralab. Aralab allows free access, free of charge, to this website, with the aim of providing information about our company and the work we have developed for our customers.

7. Security
Aralab assumes no responsibility for any interruptions in the presentation of the online website, either by viruses or other damage that may be caused to its users.

Any connection between and other websites is strictly prohibited without written permission of Aralab.

If there is any suspicion of any content on this site that may infringe copyright, please contact us immediately at Aralab.

8. Law and Jurisdiction
This site was created and operates in accordance with Portuguese law. Use of this site is subject to acceptance of these rules and other terms and conditions that may be adopted.

Any dispute involving Aralab within this site is governed by current legislation, with only the Portuguese courts having jurisdiction.

9. Amendments
Aralab reserves the right to occasionally update its Privacy Policy. Whenever we do, we will post the date of the last update.

Aralab also reserves the right to suspend access to this website without any prior notice.



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