Quality and durability


Quality, Durability and Long-Term Relationships. These are values that we try to develop in our daily work in all geographies.

On a visit to the Microlab on Madeira Island, we can see a series of 24-year-old Aralab chambers, still in operation, which serve an in-vitro plant cultivation laboratory whose main mission is to encourage regional agriculture through the micro-propagation of subtropical floricultural, horticultural and fruit species free from pests and diseases. The plants are also produced for export (anthuriums, banana trees, orchids and Telopea sp.), to mainland Portugal (anthuriums and orchids) and to Tenerife (banana trees, passion fruit and papaya trees).

Ponta do Sol, Madeira. A paradisiacal place.





Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms for plant growth, tissue culture, insect rearing and other  Biotechnology and Agriculture applications.

Environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms with precise temperature and humidity control for Stability testing, conservation or storage.

High performance Temperature and Climatic simulation chambers for environmental testing in Automotive, Electronics, R&D, quality control, and more.