Smart and Circular Agriculture

SCAS 2022 ended with the awards for the best scientific posters. We are proud of the magnificent research work being done with the help of Aralab plant growth chambers.

Congratulations to:

Joana Machado (for the Best Poster Award) – Effect of Hormetic Doses of UV-C Light on Biometric Traits of Red Mustard Microgreens (Thank you Joana for the photo!)

Miguel Gomes Santos – Effect of different pre-inoculation procedures on leaf spotting appearance in adult kiwifruit plants artificially inoculated with Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae

Ana Patricia Fernandes & Joana Machado – Morpho-physiological effects of omeprazole on tomato plants subjected to water, nitrogen and combined stress

Chiara Murena – Protocol optimization for an artificial Botrytis cinerea inoculation in detached strawberry leaves and fruits

We’ll have more news to share on this work very soon. Stay tuned!

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