Spectrum 8IIA – new LED with wavelength control


For researchers looking for maximum light control. An exclusive for Aralab Growth chambers.

‘Spectrum 8IIA’ is the new light module with 8 independently controlled LED channels. From UV (385nm) to Far Red (730nm), with total flexibility in light spectrum and intensity management. All channels are dimmable.

UV-A 385nm
Violet-Blue 405nm
Blue 450nm
Green 525nm
Red 620nm
Deep Red 660nm
Far-Red 730nm
White 5.000K

Creating Light Recipes with ClimaPlus touch-screen controller is easy for both real-time or scheduling of different wavelengths and intensities. White reflective shelves and walls ensure proper light uniformity. The controlled heat dissipation from the modules allow full environmental control of your FitoClima chamber.

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