aralab testa_e environmental chambers

The new Aralab Testa_e line


The new Aralab Testa_e line is synonymous with versatility for your climatic simulation and testing requirements.

From very small benchtop or compact reach-in chambers, to large 2 or 3 zone temperature-shock chambers, Testa_e is a comprehensive line for all your Temperature or Environmental testing needs.

Testa_e Mini – Benchtop climatic chamber with 30L internal volume
Testa_e Compact – Small footprint 60L reach-in temperature test chamber
Testa_e Reach-ins – From 100L to 2.400L environmental testing chambers
Temperature Shock – 2 or 3 zone temperature shock chambers

Available from 30 liters and up to +2.000 liters of internal test volumes, Testa_e chambers are suitable for numerous applications, from mild constant climate testing, to more intense stress screenings, being the ideal solution for R&D and QC departments.

+ Versatility. Many sizes/volumes and climatic ranges to choose from
+ Easy installation. Plug utilities & Start Testing
+ Cost effective
+ Reliable as always

Your Own Climate

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